Very low trading fees and almost non-existent subscription fees give you full access to this powerful platform including insights, live news feeds and a library of technical indicators.


Meet our solution for you

Our full suite trading solution offers everything you need


Buy just a Fraction of any share

Most shares are out of normal people’s affordability, such as Amazon Shares which are currently valued at around R25 000 per share. With our platform you could purchase 0.01 Amazon shares for just R250


Go from Beginner to Pro quickly

With numerous tools, insights, live news feeds and educational material we will walk with you along every step of your journey to financial freedom


Brand new and innovative pairs to trade

Over and above investing in assets, you can trade unprecedented pairs such as Gold/BTC; S&P 500/BTC; GOOGL/BTC


Always be in the loop

Set push notifications for price alerts and indicators, stream live news events and track the value of your portfolio anywhere, anytime using any device at your disposal. This ensures you never miss an opportunity

How it works


Sign Up

Register an account, make a deposit to fund your account and you're all set



Once you open a trading account, you can buy and sell stock whenever you want.


Track your portfolio growth

Your stock will go up and down with the market. If you buy 0.5 shares for $50 and the stock goes up 10%, your shares will be worth $55.

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Put your money to work – Like the rich

The wealthy don’t leave their money in their bank accounts to earn a negligible interest rate, they actively invest in financial markets. That is not only how many have become wealthy but how the wealthy keep getting wealthier. While most people do not even save, even fewer invest those savings.

So take your financial future into your own hands and join the ranks of the wealthy by registering a profile for this revolutionary platform today!

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